Imperium 7 Discuss Correspondence And How To Speed Things Up

Empire Worldwide Discuss Correspondence And How To Speed Things Up

There could be myriad reasons why you did not receive a response. But did you feel the frustration the last time you phoned or sent out an important email and never received a response? It could be that the recipient didn’t see your message, or they were too busy to respond right at that moment, or they may have even seen it and forgot to answer, the list is endless. Rapport building experts Imperium 7 are here to help, here are some of managing director Jason Coat’s guidelines for following up.

You may find that when proposing an idea to clients, potential business partner or even during the hiring process, sometimes some people just don’t want to decline your offer or say a simple no to you. When this happens and you have reached out more than once and been ignored each time, you should try preempting that you are aware they may not be interested in your proposition, this makes it easier for them to tell you that they decline, as sort of an opt-out. You could say something along the lines of “I understand that you are very busy, could you please let me know soon if you would still like for me to go ahead with our sale. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll go ahead and close your file.” This should give them the confidence to reach out to you with an answer.

Other ways managing director Jason Coat of Imperium 7 recommends using to ensure that you encourage a quicker response from the off, are trying to appeal to the recipient’s interests. “I personally will always attempt to engage in friendly conversation whilst keeping the matter at hand formal, but I see no harm in adding some playful chit chat to grab the interest of the recipient and show them that I have given thought and listened to their interests and passions. This not only shows my commitment to doing business with them, but it makes my emails memorable and a sets them aside from the rest” explains Jason Coat. “For example, I will mention something that we both have in common or recently discussed briefly, in the intro before getting down to business. That NY Giants game ey, can you believe it?”

Jason Coat of Imperium 7 makes a career talking with people face to face every day, building relationships and training his team to develop the people skills and presentation skills when promoting their clients products. It is no wonder that he doesn’t have to struggle with correspondence from business partners.

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