Imperium 7 would not be where we are today without its stakeholders – one being our clients. Our goal is to develop a long standing relationship with our clients as we believe that is the only way to deliver a high standard of continuous results. Open communication is critical to this relationship development. Regular meetings are held to discuss:

Strategy formulation
Strategy evolution
Revised goals
Issues or concerns
New Event Locations

Imperium 7’s events marketing systems are easily adaptable to almost any industry. There is no industry out there that can say they don’t need any more customers – especially with the market being the way that it is at the moment. Right now we specialize within the telecommunications industry and we look to expand into the entertainment, charity and cosmetics sectors in the future. Our mission is to expand into different industries as well as into new geographic locations.

Marketing Mix
Creating a cost effective marketing mix can be tricky. Many companies are looking to cut costs and the first thing to go is the advertising budget. This is why so many companies are turning to Imperium 7  – as we stand by a no sales, no fee policy. Whether you are a national or local company looking to increase your market share, Imperium 7 can help.

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